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Cyber Security made easy and affordable.

LACyber makes it easy to protect your Company and Data from internet threats. So you can focus on your goals and objectives instead of having to worry about hackers and ransomware network attacks.

  • Ransomware is out of control and shows no signs of slowing.
  • Every email is tested as it arrives for malware and viruses.
  • Updates are handled automatically, without the need for intervention.
  • LACyber is a member of the Lincoln Family of Companies that have been serving Western New York businesses for over 100 years.

Let LACyber can handle all your Internet and EMail Security needs and concerns in simple and affordable ways.

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We take the mystery out of Cyber Protection

There are never ending ongoing threats, however we can protect you and your company in easy and affordable ways.
We make what is extremely technical and complicated into easy manageable solutions.

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Essential Services

Email Protection

Identify and Filter any potential incoming Emails.

Zero Trust Network

Prevent access to your Network from any unapproved outside sources.


Prevent your Company and Network from internet Cyber Attacks

Cloud and Tape Backup Options

Store your documents and records in safe, secure locations.

Network Security Monitoring,

Ensure network/internet connectivity 24/7 automatically.

Data Archiving

Store Documents and Files for both legal and personal reasons.